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do squirrels think about stuff

no because they’re so darn stupid


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14 years old: I'm young but I know what I want. This isn't that hard, I'm all grown up already and have everything figured out.
17 years old: Well, this is a little harder than I thought. School is almost ending. What am I going to do with my life?
21 years old: What the fuck is going on? Where are my socks?
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I am sick of people thinking deodorant is optional

i’m sick of people thinking that they can judge others on a normal bodily function and that the only way they can be accepted is to wear something that is harmful/poisonous to your body. just because some men in the 1880’s decided bodily odor was no longer acceptable. 

bitch you stink 

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Thousands Still Risk Torture For Helping U.S. in Vietnam War - NBC News


In 2009, the Thai government stopped hosting the refugees in an effort to improve diplomatic relations with Laos. Authorities destroyed the remaining camps and deported about 4,500 Hmong, including Vang and her 1-month-old daughter.

Vang is among the thousands of forgotten Lao Hmong who have lived in this grim limbo since, either ducking attention in their homeland because of the danger there, or living in the shadows in Thailand, in fear of deportation.”

After being lied to by the US Government and helping them during the Secret War, Hmong people are still being persecuted every day while the US have move on to bully other nations.

This breaks my heart so much and makes me so frustrated to know that my Hmong siblings in Laos and Thailand are still living in fear. Every day.

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Post racial Amerikkka

I’m so disgusted.

white people are ghouls

But the liberals wanna play and say this ain’t about race

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black girls with eating disorders are so important & need to be protected

because it’s believed that we don’t think about things like that, we all apparently love our “inherently” thick bodies and thickness is something we all glorify and strive to achieve

we’re too “strong” to have any kind of illness, especially not an ED

EDs among black girls are so common and are easily dismissed as “white girl stuff” and thats so destructive and harmful

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new study suggests that employers consider a for-profit degree equivalent to no college at all.

By Lisa Wade, PhD

Holding a college degree, it is widely assumed, improves the likelihood that a person will be successful in the labor market.  This maxim draws individuals into college across the class spectrum and aspiring students who are low-income or non-white may find themselves enrolled at a for-profit college.

For profit colleges have been getting slammed for their high prices, low bars, and atrocious graduation rates.  Now we have another reason to worry that these institutions are doing more harm than good.

Economist Rajeev Darolia and his colleagues sent out 8,914 fictitious resumes and waited to see if they received a response.  They were interested in whether attending a for-profit college actually enhanced job opportunities, as ads for such schools claim, so they varied the level of education on the resumes and whether the applicant attended a for-profit or community college.

It turns out that employers evaluate applicants who attended two-year community colleges and those who attended for-profit colleges about equally.  Community colleges, in other words, open just as many doors to possibility as for-profit ones.

Darolia and his colleagues then tested whether employers displayed a preference for applicants who went to for-profit colleges versus applicants with no college at all.  They didn’t. Employers treated people with high school diplomas and coursework at for-profit colleges equivalently.

Being economists, they staidly conclude that enrolling in a for-profit college is a bad investment.

H/t Gin and Tacos. Image borrowed from Salon.com.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Please Keep Sharing and become a Member at http://lakota.cc/1kvf8ka to help create a foster care system run by Lakota, for Lakota and end the corrupt practices of the state of South Dakota.

Illegal over-drugging of Lakota children. Many Lakota children in foster care are being involuntarily administered as many as five adult psychiatric drugs every day, including: Zyprexa, Geodon, Prozac, and Abilify—all of which are not allowed, by the FDA, to be administered to children without consent from their parent or guardian. The use of such powerful anti-psychotic pharmaceutical drugs on Indian children by the State of South Dakota has, in fact, increased by over 1300% since the year 2000! Due to this, and other problems with state-run foster care, when these Indian children “age out” of the state foster care system in the State of South Dakota at the age of 18, over 63 percent of these children are, by the time they are 20 years old, either homeless, in prison, or dead.

Children should not be drugged into submission and made to feel like zombies because they have been taken from their families and their communities. This must stop. Please show your support by becoming a member!

This is ethnocide and this is child abuse, all courtesy of the white savior industrial complex.

End colonialism and genocide!!!!!

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why not heterosexual UNawareness month

pretend heterosexuals don’t exist for the WHOLE month

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After she came up to me and said, “I’ve been with my partner for 20 years… We would never get married because he’s on social security income, and because my daughter is disabled I have secondary income from the state to support my daughter. If I got married, both my benefits and his benefits would be reduced because we would become a double income family.”

She was explaining that marriage doesn’t work for poor people, and that it doesn’t work for disabled people. Having really simple examples like hers are important.



What if the LGBTQ movement fought for prison abolition rather than same-sex marriage? (via disabilityhistory)

this is important. for a lot of low income folks on government benefits, marriage is against their financial self-interest. trying to put a dollar amount of the symbolic value of marriage is hard.

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